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Kids’ Travel Journal with Prompts (Printable)

Kids’ Travel Journal with Prompts (Printable)

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A simple, easy and fun must-have guided travel journal for kids to document and remember all their trips away. This Kids’ Travel Journal with Prompts is packed with journaling prompts to record hopes for their trip, highlights, new discoveries and more. It incorporates 46 pages which also includes fun travel activities for kids for endless entertainment. 

What Is Included?

You will receive the PDF files in US Letter Size format you can print! All of the wonderful pages included are as follows:

  • Kids' Travel Journal Cover (1 page)
  • My Travel Journal Belongs to (1 page)
  • Where Am I Going? (1 page)
  • Who Am I Travelling With (1 page)
  • Items I Packed in My Bag (1 page)
  • This is What I Imagine It Will Look Like When I Arrive (1 page)
  • Map Of a Trip Route (1 page)
  • Trip Day 1-14 Prompts (14 pages)
  • Trip Day 1-14 Drawing of Something I Want to Remember (14 pages)
  • This is Another Memory from Today (1 page)
  • Keepsakes (1 page)
  • Photographs (1 page)
  • This is a Favorite Memory from My Trip (2 pages)
  • Scavenger Hunt Games Cover (1 page)
  • Beach Scavenger Hunt Games (4 pages)
  • The End Until Next Time Cover (1 page)

Order today & give your child an awesome way to log their adventures and remember them for many years to come!

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