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Dot Marker Animals Activity Book (Printable)

Dot Marker Animals Activity Book (Printable)

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Get the PERFECT summer activity Printable for kids. This book offers fun kid’s activities with 30 pages in total.

There is a combination of fun, learning and repetition which helps internalize new vocabulary.


  • To sharpen his/her coloring skills 
  • To color different animal types
  • Have fun coloring animals


  • 30 coloring pages with different types of animals 
  • Blank pages that come alive with colors!

Engage kids this summer with these multiple activity sheets. Keep kids away from screens and provide these cute pages for hands on activities!

Frequently asked question about this product?

Why should I buy a printable and not an actual book? You can save money buying printables and you can use these over and over again.


This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.



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